Wedding Services


Dear Bride and Groom;


Available for your Wedding Service and/or Reception…


For your Wedding Ceremony, MizA and Accompanist (Piano or Guitar) are happy to provide for you, up to 5 songs of your choice.(1)  Your songs can be a combination of Vocals and Keyboard/Piano; Vocals and Guitar, just Keyboard/Piano or Guitar.  Offered also, the accompaniment of Drums, Bass, Sax, and/or Guitar.(2)


We are happy to accommodate your wishes for this very special day in your life.  For your Wedding Service, you may consider a song for each of the following  - having your Bridesmaid(s) proceed down the aisle - the Brides walk down the aisle - signing of the registry - the procession to exit the wedding venue.  The choices are yours. 


In addition, as part of this service, we are happy to provide a tasteful instrumental prelude for your guests as well as instrumentals for any photo opportunities during the service. 


A Band for your Wedding Reception, SilverMax provides a diverse selection of Classic Rock, R & B, Blues, Pop as well as possible songs of personal choice as requested.



    The use of our PA system;

    ♥ Keyboard, microphones and related equipment;

    ♥ Acquisition of any Lyrics and Sheet Music;

    ♥ Meeting with you to choose your songs and discuss music arrangements at least 3 months prior to the service;

    ♥ Meeting with you at your rehearsal or an alternate time to review the wedding venue for set up.  We are comfortable in both indoor and outdoor settings.


Additional Costs:

(1)             Songs, cost is based on a per song request;

(2)             Accompaniment of Drums, Bass, Sax, or Guitar.


Helping you with your special day,



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Deposit required

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